The Saga of Sun and Storm

A City in Shadows
Time for a Clensing

People like to pretend otherwise but I’m an easy going person. If I wasn’t more people would get hurt. When I knock Evie over during a race or shake the hand of a stranger no one ever gets hurt. I could break bones. It would be easy too. A little more pressure and snap. When girls crash into me in derby I fall on my own. 150 pounds on wheels doesn’t scare me. If I didn’t it would be the same as them smashing full speed into a wall. I’ll walk away without a scratch. I’ve survived bullets, fireballs and a head on train collision that one time. I don’t need to hurt anyone though. Why you ask? I already know I could kill everyone in the room. Everyone else in the room knows it too. Most people don’t realize they know but I see them flinch. The current problem in someone out there has forgotten this. If they were thinking right they’d remember what happens next.
I knew everyone else was feeling the shadow over Phoenix growing as well. Jack called me before he headed out after a lead. He calls me mid route some days but most of the time it’s five minutes after he found the problem. If he wants me there before he’s found a problem then we all have a big problem. We met up at Twitch’s. I brought Evie along and Connor was already there. We all agreed there was a cult problem in town. They were summoning lots of shadow creatures. More of the rock piles were showing up around town. This had the homeless spooked pretty bad. I don’t blame them as Connor says they are just muggles. Not meant to deal with problems of this size. That’s why monsters like me exist to put a fear into the other monsters. Then normal people can live a peaceful life.
Connor and Twitch played around on the computer for a while. In the end they found a place that the cult was meeting. I understand my phone, my laptop and the Xbox but what Connor does is Black Magic. Useful black magic but black magic all the same. We set out for a warehouse. Connor’s ‘apprentice’ of sorts wanted to join us. Long Legs knows how to run when the going gets tough so I didn’t have a problem with him joining. We were Norse on a hunt though so there was no stopping the JUGGERNAUT. I grabbed him by the back of the shirt and dragged him off the sidewalk but he joined us in the van. I felt him cop a feel but he’s 16 I’d be more insulted if he didn’t.
The warehouse was dark. All the windows covered up by boards. I paused when we got out of the van. I could run full speed through the front doors but that doesn’t help my team. We entered together. It was dark in the warehouse dark enough my enhanced vision was suffering. I got the spider sense about the same time as Twitch. He jumped as a chill went down my neck. The fight was on. My first thoughts went to Jack, Connor and Long Legs. Jack and Connor were close enough I could get to them in seconds if something happened. Long Legs stayed in the van. Then my thoughts went to Evie and Twitch. Both of them were capable. Evie would take the skies in a moment these shadows wouldn’t even touch her. Twitch had his shotgun out. I knew everyone was as safe as they could be. I charged. There were creatures using the same powers as Connor to hide. If I was starting to doubt Loki’s guilt this was check in the Loki did it column. While myself and Evie went on the attack. Jack, Connor and Twitch ensured there was plenty of light. Hell Twitch did his explosion of heavenly essence attack and that was pretty good. I killed six shadowmen. The rest of the team dispatched the other four. We offered Long Legs a mercy kill of the last shadow but he declined. I can’t tell if that’s the American pantheon or the 16 year old in him. Either way he’s got a long way to go to become a warrior.
When we got back to Twitch’s his father was already waiting on us. Grandpa had planned a ritual of some sort just for us and Heimdall was here for the pickup. The trip up took a while. I had plenty of time to think. I am a predator, a benevolent predator but a predator. Anyone who wants to live a peaceful life in my territory is welcome. Those who bring malice, poisons and death into my territory don’t get to stay. Everything has been so calm I haven’t raided in months. A trespasser moved in during that time. They preyed on that peace turning it into misery. I blame myself. I showed weakness in my comfort I should have been more vigilant. It’s time to clean house again. It’ll take time, sweat and blood. Not my blood but when I find whoever brought this shadow to town it’ll be theirs. I’ll remind them why I’m so easy going. Because when I decide to kill someone there are few people who can stop me.

Giant T-Ball

I went women stalking with Loki. Well Evie and I went to the bar last night and ended women stalking. The boys were off on another adventure. I knew I’d get the call when they needed the muscle. It isn’t like I’m a dumb thug but for some reason they don’t trust me on investigations.

The missing Loki was sitting at the bar watching two women. Evie and I joined him. We all knew who would win a fight so he let us sit down without issue. Not like we could stop him from leaving. According to Loki he isn’t responsible for what’s happening. I don’t believe him though. Those women he was watching are. I still don’t believe him. I’m pretty sure nights were he stalks a woman is where Connor comes from. When the women left the Turnbuckle I offered him a ride. Then we could at least keep tabs on him for a bit longer. I don’t think he liked the JUGGERNAUT which is silly because he is the best car. The best ex-swat van ever! He didn’t think we could stealth down after the women in the JUGGERNAUT. I proved him wrong. The cops don’t pull me over in this neighborhood anymore.

We ended up at an office complex and the guys were already there. Turns out Loki might have a point about this cult. Oh yeah, the women were in a cult that summoned giants. I ended up having to kill a baby shade giant. Just another mark on my kill tally. Loki was gone after that but at least Connor didn’t run into him. I have this bad feeling this cult is just the start of it.


(Jack’s Perspective)

We found out that a Norn was kidnapped, and Loki send an encrypted message saying it wasn’t his fault.

The girls decided to find him once we deciphered the message, and found him at a bar.

The guys decided to help Twitch with his case, some money launderer named Trask. We found him at Hank’s Last Stand, a seedy bar downtown.

We followed him to a high rise insurance building and stealthily found the girls on the other side of the parking lot. Apparently Loki was there too, though Connor disappeared before his father could meet him.

The girls were following some suspicious people, who turned out to be cultists along with this Trask guy. Connor contacted us and told us the cultists summoned another Shadow Giant, and that was enough to interrupt with the fire alarm.

The cultists ran off, apparently not liking the sprinklers ruining their summoning. The Shadow Giant was not fully formed or grown, so was easy enough for the girls to dispatch.

I sat down with Trask, calmly explaining to him all the wonderful things that would happen to him if he didn’t spill the beans about the cult. Twitch took his Driver’s License as an extra precaution. He told us just enough to get us to the next clue.

We left as the emergency sirens began to blare.

Shadows and Conspiracies

(Jack’s Perspective)

A giant made of Shadows. We don’t know what it was after, and we didn’t care. He hurt Ernie, and so we hurt him.

Connor found him in the shadows of the Casa Grande rail yard, and lit him up with a flashlight. The moment he did, I tossed quarters through him and Paige brained him with her bat. Evelyn shot him with her gun. Needless to say, it didn’t see what hit him.

Twitch did that thing with his neck where he rolls his head to aim. Connor disappeared somewhere and a fire erupted on the other side of the rail yard (later we found out he spelled out “the Lord of Fire” with kerosene or something).

The Giant took advantage of that distraction and grabbed Paige in a bear hug. Evelyn and eye kept shooting, but it was twitch’s single shot that took the bastard down.

The kids mentioned something about harvesting it’s organs for magic. I said a soft prayer to my father, thanking him for the ability to mete out justice to titanspawn.


The next day I stopped by to see Ernie with Connor. Their faces lit up when they saw all the burritos Connor got them. He’s a good kid, despite his parentage. The Bumzerker Network was whole and healthy again.

A few days later I stopped by Twitch’s place, and his door was slightly open. I let myself in and checked out the case he was working on. Interesting stuff. Not enough to build a case yet, but there might be something fishy going on with that money launderer.

Twitch and I parleyed our usual greetings- me as the optimistic comic relief, he the curmudgeon detective. Little rituals like that are important in a friendship.

We got a call not long after. Apparently Mugen, the memory of Odin, had gone missing, and his bird-brained brother kidnapped a Norn and dropped her off at Evelyn’s.

I’m sure this is going to be a doozy.

Hung Over Coyote Fights

I am hung over. So hung over. Yesterday Conner and I took Evelyn out for her 21st birthday. Of course she’s been drunk before now but that’s not the point. The baby of our group finally grew up into woman. It was a big enough occasion that Twitch and Jack came out for a while. Then norns leaned against the table and gave us a cryptic warning. Shocking! “Pain comes in the darkness.” Or something similar but just as horrible. It’s a warning from the norns and I was drunk by the time they showed up. I only remember because Evie put a video up of herself proclaiming she was 21. You can see the weird only lady in the background. It’s hard to make out what she says. But it was something about darkness and pain. The rest of the night is a crazy blur. I woke up to my phone warning me about practice. I was half naked and curled up on my bearskin rug. It seems I got Evie into her bed and Connor to the couch. The alarm was when this day long hang over started. I can’t let anyone know though. They’ll only try to make it worse. Eggs in a cup and a quick cold shower later I was out the door.

Connor met me at the door to the JUGGERNAUT. He somehow crawled his way off the couch and wanted to go to practice. I think he’s got a crush on Bloody Bloody Gumdrop. She’d break him in half though. So off to practice we went. My father was waiting by the door to the ‘gym’. He’s come to some of my games but practices are rare. Sure enough he wanted to talk about the norns. Now that I think about it Evie’s dad might have shown up last night to say hi around the time of the norns. We agreed it was Loki’s fault and he should make Loki fix it. So my dad didn’t stay for practice. That’s good because I was sluggish all morning. I only knocked Gumdrop on her ass four times.

While practice was finishing up Connor was on the phone then his computer. According to Jack someone had gone around beating up homeless guys. Someone troll sized. Well that just means my hang over is about to become a troll’s bad day. JUGGERNAUT made the rounds to grab Evie and Twitch. Twitch hates my van but I love the think. When the zombie army’s of Hel rain down on the Earth he’ll be happy I have the JUGGERNAUT. We met Jack at the Burrito Shack by the I-10 Tunnel. Evie and I waited while the boys looked around for our bad guys. They found tracks but not troll. The troll had set up a victory mound. It seemed to me he was looking for honorable combat with warriors. Which would explain why it was vets he was going over.

We followed the tracks a ways down the I-10 almost to Casa Grand. Then the tracks went off road to the desert. The group bickered a little bit but I just rented us ATVs. We followed the tracks a little further out. That’s when the hung over coyote fights happened. My brain went on instinct. Twitch and Evie can handle a gun they’d be fine. I leapt from my ATV at one of the coyotes. Old Faithful and I smashed his head in good. Silly little dog. It never stood a chance. The other three coyotes where taken care of as well. But I am making the other pay for any damages to the off roaders. I never told them to run over the creatures.

Further still into desert we could a shadow cave. More like a shadow kennel for the coyotes. Well we’ve dealt with the dogs now onto the master.

The Hunt in the Desert

(Jack’s Perspective)

Coyotes. Frickin’ Titanspawn coyotes.

I get ahead of myself.

I followed up on Ernie’s incident with the detective assigned to him. She was a lot more forthcoming with information than the usual detectives. I’ll have to do a background check on her later, make sure she’s on the level.

A couple of files led me to the 7th Avenue bridge to investigate. I made sure to summon the Scion Squad to go with me. After all, the clues and witness statements pointed to a Giant.

Twitch was on the trail. Even with those fishbowl glasses he sees more than most of us. Paige and Eve seemed to get over their hangovers. Connor at one point rented dune buggies for us.

We headed toward Casa Grande. And got attacked by titanspawn coyotes. We administered Norse Justice to the pathetic creatures and headed to the “House of Giant.” That was Connor’s revelation. It’s going to be an even longer night.

Eve's Birthday

(Jack’s Perspective)

I hate parties. Twitch and Connor convinced me it’s okay to take one night off. Eve looked at me with puppy dog eyes and Paige told me to “man up.” Everyone has their way of pulling me to their point of view. I figure running around with a few other Scions wouldn’t be a complete waste of time.

Though it was.

Eve got plastered drunk and Paige challenged her to a duel or something. Twitch was his normal sardonic self and Connor I think was just happy to get out of the house. There were three old women that told us something foreboding.

I left after a prescribed amount of social obligation and checked on some of my boys. Ernie got jumped at the 7th Ave bridge. The hospital girls, Jacquelynn and Lacey tell me he’s the second one. I’m going to go get Paige. We’ll find out who these bastards are and bring them to justice.

This night just got interesting.

Best Night Ever ...

Daily Calender for Connor Iverson
12:09 AM: Send Evelyn a birthday email forwarded to everyone in her email account
12:30 AM: Reserve seats at several types of restaurants for 9:30 AM, 3:00 PM, 3:30 PM, 6:09 PM, 6:30 PM, 9:00 PM, 9:03 PM, and 9:30 PM
12:33 AM: Order flowers and a limo sent to Evelyn’s dorm at 9:00 AM sharp
08:03 AM: Call Paige and tell her breakfast is at 9:30 AM and the limo will be at Evelyn’s at 9:00 AM
08:30 AM: Purchase a case of Gatorade and alcoholic beverages at Pump and Munch near the dorms
08:33 AM: Show up at Evelyn’s door and knock
08:39 AM: Let myself in and wake Evelyn up to start the day right
09:00 AM: The limousine arrives and Evelyn, Paige, and Myself drive across town
09:30 AM: Fancy breakfast with best friends
10:30 AM: Contact Jack’s office via Freddy and Skunk to let Jack know that dinner will be at either 9:00 PM or 9:30 PM and where it will be
10:33 AM – 02:03 PM Reserved for Evelyn’s every wish and desire before lunch
03:00 PM – 03:30 PM decide from several choices where to eat lunch and arrive fashionably late for the reservations
04:30 PM Send Evan first message about dinner plans: where and when they are. Remind myself to send more messages later
04:03 PM – 08:30 PM Reserved for Evelyn’s every wish and desire after lunch and send Evan multiple messages to remind him about dinner
09:00 PM Arrive in style for a late dinner at a fancy restaurant reserved for all of Evelyn’s friends
09:30 PM Drinks and food arrive in viking proportions and the party really begins
11:00 PM Bar hop until the end of the night

The message popped up on Connor’s iPhone accompanied by several blaring klaxon because he never wakes up with the first one. His features were dimly lit by the small screen and his eyes squinted from the sudden light from the darkness. He rolled over and got out of bed groggily stretching his arms and popping his knuckles. He grabbed an energy drink, pre-opened for ease of use and took a big gulp as he stood up.

His computer flashed into life as he jiggled the mouse and a copy of the agenda popped up on the screen. He scrolled down the list and clicked the big red “run program” button that took up the bottom half of the screen and watched as his computer pulled up Evelyn’s e-mail and copied a message into it. A satisfied look crept across his face and he slunk back into bed awaiting the next alarm to start off his day.


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