The Saga of Sun and Storm


(Jack’s Perspective)

We found out that a Norn was kidnapped, and Loki send an encrypted message saying it wasn’t his fault.

The girls decided to find him once we deciphered the message, and found him at a bar.

The guys decided to help Twitch with his case, some money launderer named Trask. We found him at Hank’s Last Stand, a seedy bar downtown.

We followed him to a high rise insurance building and stealthily found the girls on the other side of the parking lot. Apparently Loki was there too, though Connor disappeared before his father could meet him.

The girls were following some suspicious people, who turned out to be cultists along with this Trask guy. Connor contacted us and told us the cultists summoned another Shadow Giant, and that was enough to interrupt with the fire alarm.

The cultists ran off, apparently not liking the sprinklers ruining their summoning. The Shadow Giant was not fully formed or grown, so was easy enough for the girls to dispatch.

I sat down with Trask, calmly explaining to him all the wonderful things that would happen to him if he didn’t spill the beans about the cult. Twitch took his Driver’s License as an extra precaution. He told us just enough to get us to the next clue.

We left as the emergency sirens began to blare.


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