The Saga of Sun and Storm

Eve's Birthday

(Jack’s Perspective)

I hate parties. Twitch and Connor convinced me it’s okay to take one night off. Eve looked at me with puppy dog eyes and Paige told me to “man up.” Everyone has their way of pulling me to their point of view. I figure running around with a few other Scions wouldn’t be a complete waste of time.

Though it was.

Eve got plastered drunk and Paige challenged her to a duel or something. Twitch was his normal sardonic self and Connor I think was just happy to get out of the house. There were three old women that told us something foreboding.

I left after a prescribed amount of social obligation and checked on some of my boys. Ernie got jumped at the 7th Ave bridge. The hospital girls, Jacquelynn and Lacey tell me he’s the second one. I’m going to go get Paige. We’ll find out who these bastards are and bring them to justice.

This night just got interesting.


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