The Saga of Sun and Storm

Giant T-Ball

I went women stalking with Loki. Well Evie and I went to the bar last night and ended women stalking. The boys were off on another adventure. I knew I’d get the call when they needed the muscle. It isn’t like I’m a dumb thug but for some reason they don’t trust me on investigations.

The missing Loki was sitting at the bar watching two women. Evie and I joined him. We all knew who would win a fight so he let us sit down without issue. Not like we could stop him from leaving. According to Loki he isn’t responsible for what’s happening. I don’t believe him though. Those women he was watching are. I still don’t believe him. I’m pretty sure nights were he stalks a woman is where Connor comes from. When the women left the Turnbuckle I offered him a ride. Then we could at least keep tabs on him for a bit longer. I don’t think he liked the JUGGERNAUT which is silly because he is the best car. The best ex-swat van ever! He didn’t think we could stealth down after the women in the JUGGERNAUT. I proved him wrong. The cops don’t pull me over in this neighborhood anymore.

We ended up at an office complex and the guys were already there. Turns out Loki might have a point about this cult. Oh yeah, the women were in a cult that summoned giants. I ended up having to kill a baby shade giant. Just another mark on my kill tally. Loki was gone after that but at least Connor didn’t run into him. I have this bad feeling this cult is just the start of it.


mnightarrow Demonicrose

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