The Saga of Sun and Storm

Hung Over Coyote Fights

I am hung over. So hung over. Yesterday Conner and I took Evelyn out for her 21st birthday. Of course she’s been drunk before now but that’s not the point. The baby of our group finally grew up into woman. It was a big enough occasion that Twitch and Jack came out for a while. Then norns leaned against the table and gave us a cryptic warning. Shocking! “Pain comes in the darkness.” Or something similar but just as horrible. It’s a warning from the norns and I was drunk by the time they showed up. I only remember because Evie put a video up of herself proclaiming she was 21. You can see the weird only lady in the background. It’s hard to make out what she says. But it was something about darkness and pain. The rest of the night is a crazy blur. I woke up to my phone warning me about practice. I was half naked and curled up on my bearskin rug. It seems I got Evie into her bed and Connor to the couch. The alarm was when this day long hang over started. I can’t let anyone know though. They’ll only try to make it worse. Eggs in a cup and a quick cold shower later I was out the door.

Connor met me at the door to the JUGGERNAUT. He somehow crawled his way off the couch and wanted to go to practice. I think he’s got a crush on Bloody Bloody Gumdrop. She’d break him in half though. So off to practice we went. My father was waiting by the door to the ‘gym’. He’s come to some of my games but practices are rare. Sure enough he wanted to talk about the norns. Now that I think about it Evie’s dad might have shown up last night to say hi around the time of the norns. We agreed it was Loki’s fault and he should make Loki fix it. So my dad didn’t stay for practice. That’s good because I was sluggish all morning. I only knocked Gumdrop on her ass four times.

While practice was finishing up Connor was on the phone then his computer. According to Jack someone had gone around beating up homeless guys. Someone troll sized. Well that just means my hang over is about to become a troll’s bad day. JUGGERNAUT made the rounds to grab Evie and Twitch. Twitch hates my van but I love the think. When the zombie army’s of Hel rain down on the Earth he’ll be happy I have the JUGGERNAUT. We met Jack at the Burrito Shack by the I-10 Tunnel. Evie and I waited while the boys looked around for our bad guys. They found tracks but not troll. The troll had set up a victory mound. It seemed to me he was looking for honorable combat with warriors. Which would explain why it was vets he was going over.

We followed the tracks a ways down the I-10 almost to Casa Grand. Then the tracks went off road to the desert. The group bickered a little bit but I just rented us ATVs. We followed the tracks a little further out. That’s when the hung over coyote fights happened. My brain went on instinct. Twitch and Evie can handle a gun they’d be fine. I leapt from my ATV at one of the coyotes. Old Faithful and I smashed his head in good. Silly little dog. It never stood a chance. The other three coyotes where taken care of as well. But I am making the other pay for any damages to the off roaders. I never told them to run over the creatures.

Further still into desert we could a shadow cave. More like a shadow kennel for the coyotes. Well we’ve dealt with the dogs now onto the master.


mnightarrow Demonicrose

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