The Saga of Sun and Storm

Shadows and Conspiracies

(Jack’s Perspective)

A giant made of Shadows. We don’t know what it was after, and we didn’t care. He hurt Ernie, and so we hurt him.

Connor found him in the shadows of the Casa Grande rail yard, and lit him up with a flashlight. The moment he did, I tossed quarters through him and Paige brained him with her bat. Evelyn shot him with her gun. Needless to say, it didn’t see what hit him.

Twitch did that thing with his neck where he rolls his head to aim. Connor disappeared somewhere and a fire erupted on the other side of the rail yard (later we found out he spelled out “the Lord of Fire” with kerosene or something).

The Giant took advantage of that distraction and grabbed Paige in a bear hug. Evelyn and eye kept shooting, but it was twitch’s single shot that took the bastard down.

The kids mentioned something about harvesting it’s organs for magic. I said a soft prayer to my father, thanking him for the ability to mete out justice to titanspawn.


The next day I stopped by to see Ernie with Connor. Their faces lit up when they saw all the burritos Connor got them. He’s a good kid, despite his parentage. The Bumzerker Network was whole and healthy again.

A few days later I stopped by Twitch’s place, and his door was slightly open. I let myself in and checked out the case he was working on. Interesting stuff. Not enough to build a case yet, but there might be something fishy going on with that money launderer.

Twitch and I parleyed our usual greetings- me as the optimistic comic relief, he the curmudgeon detective. Little rituals like that are important in a friendship.

We got a call not long after. Apparently Mugen, the memory of Odin, had gone missing, and his bird-brained brother kidnapped a Norn and dropped her off at Evelyn’s.

I’m sure this is going to be a doozy.


mnightarrow mnightarrow

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