The Saga of Sun and Storm

The Hunt in the Desert

(Jack’s Perspective)

Coyotes. Frickin’ Titanspawn coyotes.

I get ahead of myself.

I followed up on Ernie’s incident with the detective assigned to him. She was a lot more forthcoming with information than the usual detectives. I’ll have to do a background check on her later, make sure she’s on the level.

A couple of files led me to the 7th Avenue bridge to investigate. I made sure to summon the Scion Squad to go with me. After all, the clues and witness statements pointed to a Giant.

Twitch was on the trail. Even with those fishbowl glasses he sees more than most of us. Paige and Eve seemed to get over their hangovers. Connor at one point rented dune buggies for us.

We headed toward Casa Grande. And got attacked by titanspawn coyotes. We administered Norse Justice to the pathetic creatures and headed to the “House of Giant.” That was Connor’s revelation. It’s going to be an even longer night.


mnightarrow mnightarrow

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