Raven of Odin


Dark hair and dark flashing eyes, Huginn is the personification of Thought. It is a fraternal twin to Memory. No one is sure which one is the girl and which one is the boy of the pair and one gets the impression they don’t want you to know. Thought is the more active one of the two; a little less studious and a bit more puzzle solving than research. Both are great communicators. After all, they are the eyes and ears of the Odin. Once they flew by his side as ravens, now they roam the world looking to help the gods survive the world’s end.
They appear often as glam rock androgynous and with lots of shimmer to their outfits. Huginn favors work that has lots of mental reward and a bit of art but moves on often. Deejay, wedding photographer, computer programmer, production assistant for major movies, local rock star and a student in any school that’ll accept it. Lately, Huginn has been bumming around since Muninn went missing two years ago. There is a saying about black birds, “one for sorrow, two for mirth…”
Their children are just as smart as the twins. This can be anything from street smarts to a rocket scientist. Huginn’s scions are often as restless as it so lean more towards the artists and bohemian scholars than it’s twins. The biggest thing to outside observers is that the scions always get along with each other regardless of which twin was their parent.

Associated powers: Epic Intelligence, Epic Dexterity, Epic Wits, Jotunblut, Sky, Death

Abilities: Art, Awareness, Investigation, Marksmanship, Occult, Science, Thrown



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